I am a self-taught entrepreneur and Digital Product Designer with experience crafting digital experiences including prototyping, UX, UI, visual design, interaction and front-end development.

Since I was about 8 years old I became fascinated by computers. As little as I was, it was incomprehensible to me when my brother Marcos used to tell me in the attic of our house “do you know the game battleship? I am making one, and we can play together on opposite sides of the room”. He is the one that got me interested in computers and all around it.

In school I would spend more time with my computer than doing my homework (and I am not proud of it) doing nothing and everything. One day I could try overclocking and the next day I would try to photoshop my mom’s picture like a zombie, anything.

One of those days I decided to make a website about modding (I was really into it by that time, I loved the craftsmanship that goes into it), so I did. Made in one day with PHP Nuke CMS and no idea of what I was doing whatsoever. That website turned out to have several hundreds of visitors a day after only a week of release (no knowledge, no marketing, no nothing). That is when I realised I might finally be good at something.

After that eye-opener, I decided to focus on what I seemed to be good at, so I decided to study Administration of I.T. Systems over the Network for a period of two years, finalising with and internship in Finland, where I would perform as a Graphic Designer together with a brilliant guy. During this internship I realised something:

People care a lot about the look and feel of things

It is not enough to be able to perform a certain task with a certain tool, but this tool needs to be easy and ideally fast and pretty too. That made a lot of sense to me:

Why we have very complex things for certain tasks?
Why something conceptually simple becomes extremelly complex from implementation?

After my internship I went back to Spain to work as a System Technician, and I was bored. All those computers where lifeless, the job was basically fixing what was broken. I wanted to CREATE things. But how? I went back to Finland.

After mingling around for about two years working as a Visual Designer, Technical Developer, Network Technician, and learning Finnish language I got the opportunity to get into Business Information Technology degree from university with the hope of learning how to make things. Not quite. But university was not as useless as I thought, I landed a job as a Product Designer for a FinTech company. Yey!

We are known as “multitasking ninjas”, we embrace problems that people has in their daily life, and we come up with solutions by thinking, communicating, prototyping, designing and some of them (like me) coding a bit here and there.

At the age of 22 I found my passion, making life easier for people by implementing clever and beautiful product design.
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